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So last September (I wrote this post last year but never published it), I’ve been programming for 10 years. I’ve learnt so much in that time. …

Thanks for your comment Russell. I do the same along with using breakpoints which can, for example, help to analyse all attribute values for a given object.

If there are any topics around entrepreneurship, programming, inspiration, etc that you would like to read about, I'm more than happy to create a blog post for it.

The most valuable lesson that has set me up to succeed in the long-term in my programming journey.

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The year was 2010… sometime in the summer, I decided to visit the local library to kickstart my programming journey. I did this by borrowing 2 books: Java and C++. I went…

You may be interested in programming generally, you may be interested in creating the next billion-dollar app or creating a highly successful game like CoD… but you’re wondering where to start with all of this…

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The initial steps of my programming journey

I’m going to start with a story of my own. I remember when I first…

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Just a post about if you have any questions regarding getting a tech internship, understanding a particular programming topic, gaining motivation and more, please feel free to ask me. It would be great to help.

You can ask questions in the comments here, on my TikTok or by clicking on this link. Thanks

Uni helps you to succeed in your first programming job? Not quite… read on for more.

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You’ve decided to study BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Software Engineering or some other related variation of a technical field. You expect that by paying so much money towards gaining a degree in your chosen…

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When you’ve tried every activity that is safe, WhatNow will suggest some things you may not have thought of.

So the story behind the WhatNow app goes back to the first lockdown… yeah imagine if we knew there were going to be more of these lockdowns back then…😒

Back in…

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This is a short blog post about some key traits that you may find with successful programmers, which can also relate to entrepreneurs, etc.

These traits are important because when you encounter difficult situations with programming, for example, trying to figure out a problem for days/weeks, determination, problem solving and…

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I was just looking to see if the previous bugs were fixed with Sceneform… and I have read that Sceneform is open-sourced? Dead? Not too sure so I’m writing this story to inform/have a discussion about the state of Sceneform and other alternatives.

My Sceneform experience

I started using Sceneform in 2018 as…

How I did it and how you can to!

I’ve done the following during the pandemic:

  • Sent off 300+ job applications (I’m not even exaggerating, I have a list!)
  • Freelance gigs
  • Developed and marketed multiple Android apps
  • Started this blog
  • Read and listened to (a hell of a lot of) books and audiobooks

Sent off 300+ job applications…

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yeah so this was a very…

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